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Information sheet concerning the use of COOKIES, pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/03

Pursuant to article 13 of the Privacy Code, we inform you that the proprietor of the website is also the proprietor of the related data treatment (hereunder, indicated as the “Proprietor”). This website collects data necessary for navigation and for the use of navigation-related services, and treats such data in anonymous and aggregate form. The treatment of data will be performed via automated and non-automated tools, in compliance with the indicated goals and in full observance of the privacy requisites and of the most adequate security measures as indicated in the Privacy Code. As a subject interested by the treatment of data, you are guaranteed the exercise of the rights listed under art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/03, including the right to obtain, from the Proprietor of the treatment, confirmation of the existence of your personal data and to have this data communicated to you in an intelligible form, to request information on the modalities and logic of the treatment, to request the update or integration of the data, or its cancellation or anonymization, in the case of violations of the law, as well as to oppose the treatment of your data. These rights can be exercised by contacting the Proprietor of the treatment in written form, in any given moment, at the address indicated on the website. For eventual requests, you may contact

What is a cookie?

Cookies are text files that internet sites send to devices for user access to internet (usually browsers), where they are memorized to be re-sent with the users’ next visit to the same websites. This way, websites can recognize the preferences expressed by users during previous navigations and allow them easy access, as they have memorized, for example, the chosen navigation language or account data. These may be:

1) technical cookies: session cookies (guarantee the navigation and use of websites), functionality cookies (allow users to select certain navigation parameters, such as the choice of a product to be purchased or the navigation language), cookies for user authentication (login);

2) profiling cookies: these cookies are used to send promotional messages in relation to the preferences expressed by users during navigation or within visited sections of websites;

3) third party cookies: these cookies are not installed by the websites visited by users, but by third party websites which install cookies via such websites (some images or videos present on a website may also be featured on different sites, which therefore send their own cookies).

Session cookies disappear with the closing of the browser, while persistent ones are memorized in the browser for variable quantities of time (from a few minutes to various years).

Acceptance of cookies

The present website requires acceptance of cookie reception via the use of the banner (brief information note) which appears, when navigating the website for the first time, after clicking on the “OK” button

Hereunder, please find the typologies of cookies used by this website and their purpose:

  1. Strictly necessary cookies (technical cookies)

PHPSESSID : used to maintain session info during navigation of the website. This type of cookie is indispensable for the correct functioning of the website, and exclusively for this purpose, and is therefore eliminated once the navigation experience on the website is concluded. Given that these cookies are indispensable and technical, they are used in all cases, regardless of the user’s preferences.


_wp : all cookies with this prefix are functional cookies set up by the WordPress CMS for management of Sessions, Logins, etc.

For further information on WordPress cookies, please refer to:

_EUCOOKIELAW : this cookie is used to verify the acceptance of cookies after the banner (brief information note) has been clicked

_slimstat: provides internal statistics about the site. The data are used only to monitoring the activity of the users on the site and are not be shared with third parties or used for marketing activities.

  1. Third party cookies

These third party cookies are used to integrate a series of widespread functionalities of the main social media and provide these functionalities within the website. In particular, these cookies allow to share and comment pages of the website on social media, enable the “like” function on Facebook and the “+1″ function on G+ and allow for use of the tripadvisor widget.

Hereunder, please find links to the respective privacy policy pages.


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User’s enabling or disabling of cookies via browser

There are many ways to manage cookies or other traceability technologies. By changing your browser settings, you can accept or reject cookies or decide to receive a warning message before accepting a cookie from visited websites. We would also like to remind you that by completely disabling cookies in your browser, you may not be able to use all our interactive functionalities.

If you use multiple computers in different locations, make sure that the settings of each browser match your preferences.

You can eliminate all cookies installed in the cookie folder of your browser.

Each browser features different procedures to manage the settings.

Click on one of the links hereunder to obtain specific instructions:

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Google Chrome 

Mozilla Firefox 

Apple Safari


Use the website  to access more information regarding behavioral advertising based on profiling cookies

Your Online Choices is a website managed by the non-profit organization European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA), provides information on behavioral advertising based on profiling cookies ( and allows users to easily opt-out of the installation of the main profiling cookies installed by advertising operators and used on websites ( Before using this tool, we suggest that you carefully read the general service terms of Your Online Choices (, the FAQ section ( and the user guide (

Be sure to use Your Online Choices knowingly. Indeed, although Your Online Choices groups together many of the most important companies that use cookies in the world, some of the third parties that install cookies through the Website may not have adhered to Your Online Choices. Thus, use of Your Online Choices does not guarantee that you will receive third party cookies when navigating the Website. Furthermore, remember that by eliminating all cookies from your browser, you will also eliminate the technical cookies released by Your Online Choices

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